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STEP Up/Out - STEP Track Cinco Ranch Campus

STEP Up – How do I influence others for good?

Here at The Fellowship we believe that everyone has influence.  That is why we believe in having I-C-N-U conversations.  What God sees in you and knows about you will change how you view serving.  You can gain the capacity to see others through the eyes of God.

o   Influence – Everyone’s a leader.                                                              
o   Multiplication – Passing it on to other                                                
o   Developing Leaders – Investing in the future.                                
STEP Out – How do I impact the world I live in?
God is a sending God.  He is on mission and we like to say, ‘His church doesn’t have a mission, as much as His mission has a church’.  We as the church are sent into places we live, work and play as those who embody, both in action and word, the good news of Jesus Christ.
o   Local Missions – Serving the community right where you live.
o   Global Missions – Taking the Gospel around the world.               
o   The Vulnerable – Caring for the least among us.                              

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